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purchase Clomiphene australiaIf you don’t succeed at buying decent sheep the first time, try and try again.   And so we did, this time heading West to a farm in the mountains of central North Georgia.  The farm is run by a former cattleman who got tired of dealing with the massive animals and the higher cost of raising them and now exclusively raises sheep. Right off the bat I got a good feeling about this place. The farmer was ready and waiting and his property looked clean and well-run.  After a few pleasantries we leaned on his fence to look at the flock and discussed raising them. While we we talked he began giving verbal commands to his Border Collie…”Come by”,  and the dog moved clockwise behind the sheep, pushing them forward to a smaller pasture where we they could be sorted for purchase.  The farmer continued with more commands: “Away!” and the dog immediately switched to a counter-clockwise position, pushing them toward an open gate which they eventually trotted through.   “That’ll do!” and the dog ran right back to the farmer’s side looking happy as can be.  The first sheep farmer we visited took over two hours to separate her sheep, this farmer (or rather, his dog) did the same job in ten minutes.  It was one of the most beautiful displays of an animal working with a human that I’ve ever seen.

purchase Clomiphene online uk We soon picked out three fat ewes, all pregnant from a giant ram with excellent genetics. Once back at home there was no need to announce our new arrivals to the rest of our herd, the animals all sensed something was going on and ran to the truck as soon as we pulled through the gate.

purchase Clomiphene pct After some initial sniffing and greeting through the cage, the new sheep integrated into the herd just fine and had a peaceful first night.

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