Naturally Delicious

WP_20150909_11_00_37_ProAs predicted, allowing the chickens to have unfettered access to the fields (and mainly the deep woods) has resulted in a much deeper orange yolk.  This is a reflection of what they are eating.  They’re hardly touching their supplemental feed and grains and instead are choosing to eat naturally available food consisting of greens and bugs.  I’ll gladly beat a dead horse at this point. What would you rather eat:  eggs from chickens raised in giant production houses where they never go outside (at the same price we sell them for, if not higher), or eggs from chickens clearly living their life as nature intended?  You don’t always need “Organically Raised” or “Slow Food” labels to make your choices. Get to know your local farmer, learn how they raise your food, then draw your own conclusions. IMG_3181

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