WP_20140708_20_11_4_ProAfter two fantastic seasons we have decided to sell the farm. In fact, we’ve already sold it. Not due to burn-out as can be the case with a lot of small community farms these days, in fact it’s quite the opposite.

We originally started with a small flock of chickens, dairy goats, heirloom vegetables and herbs, all for our own use. A little surplus bounty became more and more as we grew our operation and added more animals. Selling at the local farmers market became the next logical step and things began to take off.  By our second season, attending the weekly market was mainly for social purposes, as whatever we had to sell was bought by customers who came to the farm 6 days a week.  By the time day 7 rolled around (market day) we were picked clean.  A waiting list was created…you may have had to wait 10 days to receive your eggs and milk, but when you got them you knew they were fresh.  For the past 11 months no egg or jar of milk has left this farm that was over 2 days old.  New customers were coming out of the woodwork but we had to turn them all away, not something you want to do when you’re trying to grow a business.  We needed more room.

WP_20151121_16_12_31_Rich_LI 1
A view from the new farm

So we sold the homestead and bought a larger farm in an area we’ve always loved, the Appalachian Mountains, in Northwest Georgia to be specific.  It’s a beautiful place full of ridges and valleys, expansive rolling farmland, clear-running creeks and waterfalls, caves, and plenty of trails to explore in the Chattahoochee National Forest.  We will be moving soon so check back for updates as we make our transition.


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