Your Eggs, Your Right To Know


We rotated the chickens to a fresh pasture a few days ago. So for anyone who bought eggs at this past Tuesday’s market, here’s where your food is coming from!  This week’s pasture is further away from the woods, with plenty of breezy, high shade provided by the pine trees.


As the weather heats up the hens will seek the shadows and spend the hottest parts of the day there.  Also included in this week’s pasture are the last of this Spring’s wild blackberry crop. Not unlike a human, the egg-layers tend to pick the fattest, juiciest berries first.


There’s also plenty of greens and bugs for them to dine on and with all the coastal showers we’ve been receiving, hopefully we’ll get some good mileage out of this pasture before we rotate the girls to a new spot. IMG_2854




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