Woodland Swamp Farm


Our farm is located in the beautiful rolling hills of the Appalachian Mountains in Northwest Georgia. Our main goal is to allow our animals to live a happy life the way nature intended.  Chickens are free to roam and eat bugs and greens, goats are free to browse on lush pastures and native woody plants.  We use sustainable techniques; animals are frequently rotated to fresh pasture to ensure a maximum supply of natural food. The manure they leave behind replenishes the soil and plants, leaving the land in better condition than before.

Currently we are not offering any items for sale as we expand our farm and experiment with different animals and techniques.  In the coming year we hope to be adding pastured pigs, ducks, and meat goats, as well as an expanded offering of heirloom vegetables and mushrooms.

Feel free to check in as we add posts about our progress and thoughts about life in this beautiful corner of the country.