A Good Place to Hide

For anyone who is enjoying their eggs purchased at the market (October 21-November 11, 2014), here is where they came from.  I got a whopping 14 days out of last week’s semi-wooded pasture, the extra protein they found under the big trees and forest floor leaf litter really paid off.  This week their pasture includes three large live oaks, two of which are standing and one that fell in a storm over a year ago.


The fallen tree is completely covered with vines and has made a great shelter for native field birds, and now they get to share it with chickens. They love this area, so much that it’s actually hard to get a decent photo of them.  They’re either deep inside the vine thicket or in the tall plants to the rear of the pasture. Even though you can’t see them, you can definitely hear their clucking noises and can hear the leaf-rustling sound as they scratch and peck for their food.



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