Know Your Food

   “Know your farmer, know your food” is a popular buzzword you’ll sometimes hear. The basic premise of it is to encourage you to get to know your farmer and in the process learn more about how the food you consume is raised. It’s a great concept but leaves room for error. While it is easy to get to know your farmer at a local market, most people don’t have the opportunity to actually visit a farm and see first-hand how things are done. They must
rely on the grower’s word. The majority of producers at local markets are fortunately an honest bunch but there are definitely a few who will stretch truth, sometimes a little, sometimes a lot.

Rooster alerting the flock to food he just found
One of our roosters alerting the flock to food he just found

         In an effort to be as transparent as possible, the “Know Your Food” section will be dedicated to informing you exactly what is going on with our animals on a weekly basis, both the good and possibly the bad. When you buy milk or eggs from us you’ll be able to look on this page to see exactly where the chickens were and what they were eating when they laid your eggs. Same with the goats and their milk. Enjoy!

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