An Unexpected Addition

swarmThere’s a few things in nature that will really get your attention, and I mean instinctively grab you on a primal level and make you take notice. For instance: a bolt of lightning striking too close, going on a hike and hearing a rattlesnake shaking his tail because you almost stepped on him, and in my case recently, rounding the corner of the barn and coming face-to-face with a buzzing swarm of honey bees that set up residence under an old sink I’ve been saving.  I slowly backed away and called my friend and fellow farming enthusiast Mike, to come and help me out. He’s had hives for years and knows far more about bees than I do. He discovered that the bees had already started making comb, which he pulled off (along with the bees and hopefully their queen), placed them into a few containers, then transferred the whole stinging mass to an empty wooden hive about 100 yards away.IMG_2888

The sections of comb Mike pulled off were placed inside frames and held in place by rubber bands. In the coming weeks the bees would hopefully add to the the comb, eventually filling the frames with new bee larvae and honey.IMG_2903

Admittedly I know almost nothing about bees at this point, so Mike came back a week later to help me check on their progress and to make sure the queen had made the journey from the old sink to the new hive.  Success!  The queen was indeed present, busy laying eggs to grow the hive and the workers had visibly added to the combIMG_2906

Thanks again to Mike for helping and generously setting us up with a hive, smoker, bee veil, hive tools, and not to mention his time. IMG_2898

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