No Fences

A large section of land behind our property has been sold. It’s far enough away that we won’t see any future houses, so no big deal. But what is a big deal is that hunters and their dogs who once had access to that area will no longer be allowed to hunt there. IMG_2579  One of the main reasons we’ve been using portable pasture fencing in the first place is to protect our flock from the hunting dogs that would inevitably wander out of the woods from late summer through early winter, sniffing for and tracking deer.  By no means am I against responsible hunting. Dog hunting has been a tradition in this area for over 300 years and even though I don’t engage in the sport I have a deep respect for local traditions.  We’ve had a few close calls over the years with dogs trying to eat our hens but the poultry netting saved the day.  Without the prospect of roaming hounds I’ve decided to go back to totally free-ranging the birds.IMG_3149 It will be less labor-intensive for me, and the chickens will have access to the forest which is teeming with the natural protein sources they prefer. Look for your egg yolks to be that beautiful dark orange color.  That means the hens have been eating an all-natural diet, ensuring a delicious, rich flavor with tons of nutrients!


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