Rainy Days

Woodland Swamp indeed…

Days of heavy rains and wind last week were somewhat of an inconvenience. It’s hard to dig post holes for new pasture fencing when the holes keep filling up with water. Goats hate to get wet and will stay inside and eat supplemental food instead of browsing on fresh pasture. Even some of our favorite forest trails are under water so forget going for a walk in the woods (the area behind us is called Woodland Swamp for a good reason).

On the other hand there are certainly benefits to all those showers. Garden vegetables seem to grow faster from rain instead of well water.  The blueberries are looking fatter and wild blackberries are definitely bigger and juicier than before…and they are everywhere.


A quick 5 minutes of foraging yielded enough to bring back and enjoy with a bit of fresh raw milk goat cheese. A nice way to end the day and enjoy delicious food that came from the farm!che1

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