Raw Goat Milk Is Available!

I’ve sounded like a broken record for a few months, telling people, “I’ll have the milk license next week…”   Fortunately that week has finally arrived.  Per state law, all raw (unpasteurized) milk must be sold under a Georgia Pet Feed License and will be labeled as such.  I can honestly say not much of it has been served to my pets. We drink a glass or two daily, use it in coffee, cereal, and my favorite use: cheese making.  I’m forbidden to openly encourage others to do the same in print so instead I’ll be writing about how I personally use it.



All milk is currently coming from our American Lamancha Dairy goats. They are an excellent milking breed and are very gentle, loving and intelligent. All goats are raised on natural pasture and enjoy organic supplemental grains while they are being milked.

Goat milk is naturally homogenized so there won’t be a large amount of cream floating to the top. Before each use simply give the jar a few shakes and it’s ready to be enjoyed!

Prices are $4 per half gallon along with a $2 refundable deposit for the jar.

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