A Trip to the Hardware Store

Picture yourself on a typical afternoon in the fall, suddenly needing something from the hardware store. Of course you’d drive the usual, fastest route which takes around 20 minutes one-way.  But then again, you could also take the scenic route which will turn 20 minutes into 35.  What to do?  Such was my dilemma a few weekends ago and  honestly, having to deal with such predicaments are one of the reasons you move to the country in the first place.  After ten seconds of careful consideration I decided on the scenic route.     Let’s begin our journey.

A few miles from the house and on the right is a small road that will take you through the woods, over a mountain, and back down the other side to the hardware store.  At the start of it is a cemetery dating from the 1800’s, guarded by two massive, centuries-old trees. Stunning views of the valley, mountains, and old farms can be seen in any direction here, but the overwhelming presence is from these two gigantic, wise trees.



The road quickly narrows and turns to gravel as it heads through some fields and into the distant forest. It’s so quiet and peaceful that it’s tempting to just ditch your truck and walk the rest of the way on foot.



Further into the woods the late season leaves and grasses seem to glow with their own light as the sun illuminates them from behind.



Toward the top of the mountain the vegetation clears enough in spots to where you can catch glimpses of the layers of ridges and mountains in the distance, and farms far below.

dsc00359Pay attention and don’t get distracted by the views!  This part of the road may be paved but there’s no room for error.  Too much to the right and you’ll scrape you’re vehicle along the exposed rocks…too much to the left and you’ll roll down the hill.

The drive begins a gradual descent down the other side.  Move ahead slowly so you don’t miss flocks of wild turkey or a few deer that may be eating by the side of the road.

We’re finally on the other side and the hardware store is only another ten minutes away!  Sure, this route may have taken some extra time but at least you’ll feel relaxed after you drive it, almost like you’ve been on a mini-vacation. And that alone is worth the extra time you just wasted.


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